Promotional Roll Up

It is the most simple and economical roll-up of our roll-up portfolio. It is fast and easy to assemble and transport.

It can be used in:

- Commercial spaces: shopping centers, hypermarkets;

- Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies;

- Cinema, bookstores;

- car stands;

- Stands.


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We guarantee the highest quality of our Products.


85x198 (cm)

100x198 (cm)

120x198 (cm)

Material: aluminum.

Mounting difficulty: easy.

Exterior / Interior: Interior.

Resistance: high.

Publicity: Banner.

Carry bag: included.

Design service:

1. None of the products include design.

2. The value of the design is twenty euros (€ 20.00), and is entitled to up to 3 proposals that can make minor changes. (Texts, logos, color).

3. If you already have the design with the correct measures and need some changes, (Texts, Logos, Withdraw items or Color), the value is eight euros (€ 8.00).

Delivery times:

1. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. M. Of any business day they are previously counted from the next business day. And it will be ready for delivery or shipment within a maximum of 96 hours (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

2. Shipments to Portugal: Continental takes 24 hours (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) from the moment the order is ready for shipment.

3. If you choose an urgent service, your order will be ready for delivery or shipment in the next 24 hours(Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).


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